In true Shield style, Ambrose appeared on the tron with a

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Hermes Replica Handbags The last twist of the preparations would see Corbin add the stipulation of eliminations, and finally the bell rung.Balor and Elias were quickly eliminated as the bad guys took the advantage, and though Strowman managed to hit Corbin with a powerslam, Lashley broke up the pin and the numbers game took full advantage.The three men began to beat down Strowman on the outside of the ring, before Corbin eventually smashed the monster amongst men’s elbow between the steel stairs, leaving Strowman rolling around in agony and in need of medical assistance.What goes around comes around With Seth Rollins all set to take on Dean Ambrose at TLC following the announcement at Survivor Series, the Intercontinental Champion was in no mood for talk in Los Angles. Rollins once perfect hermes replica again demanded his friend turned foe join him in the ring to face up to his actions.In true Shield style, Ambrose appeared on the tron with a message for his opponent. He told Seth what goes around comes around, and six years to the day of their debut, the Shield has been dishing out dirt for hermes sandals replica years.Ambrose went best hermes replica handbags on to say that Roman is currently answering to ‘the man upstairs’ for his sins, while Seth has to answer to someone far worse Ambrose himself.The lunatic fringe did go on to offer Rollins a purpose for the night, revealing his location on the camera and insisting Seth come and find him.(Image: WWE)Rollins spent many of the following segments chasing Ambrose down dark alleys, being led into ‘burn it down’ graffiti, and photobombed by his nemesis as he was questioned by Charly Caruso on his pursuit.Dean cut another promo later in the evening, telling those that questioned his words on Roman: “grow up it’s not about Roman” Hermes Replica Handbags.