Including lost of taste in part of the tongue

Who or what affects events luck, chance, Satan, and/or God? Jump to Last Post 1 14 of 14 discussions (62 posts)Last week there was a newspaper news account about a teenager standing in a parking lot in Estes Park, Colorado, who was hit by a large, falling rock that injured her severely.We have major oil spills, earthquakes, and other natural disasters in the news often. Are those events caused or affected by good or bad luck, chance (like card and dice games), the devil (as in “the devil made me do it,” and/or God? What’s your take on these kinds of life events?You probably know my belief that the Bible comes from God. When the followers of Jesus asked him about the many Jews killed by the Romans and the fall of a tower in Jerusalem killing several people, he replied that these events weren’t because those people were worse people, but unless his followers and we change our thinking and living, we will die similarly (meaning, being separated from God forever.I believe according to the pattern in the first two chapters of the Book of Job, that God only allows Satan to attack believers in him as far as he allows.

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